Why rent plants instead of buying? (Because I love plants, and want them ALL!)

While planning a wedding, corporate or special event, plants can fill the room with an inviting feeling, warming up basic ballrooms and outdoor spaces, giving them personality and maybe even screening unsightly areas of the venue. With a rental service, we provide the plants, pots and top dressing. Everything is delivered, set up, and removed when the event has concluded. No worrying about what to do with all those plants afterwards! Of course, if you wish to purchase them, let us know and we will quote you a price :-)

How much is it to rent plants? (Because, well, I’m on a budget…Or, I have no budget, I’m just curious)

Rental pricing is based on the type and quantity of plants you wish to rent, as well as for the amount of time you need them. There is also a fee for labor, delivery, set up and pickup which can vary depending on the amount of plants you require. There is a minimum order of 300.00.

What happens if some plants get damaged? (Like my drunk Aunt Sophie falls into the ferns and mashes them into a tossed salad)

Accidents do happen. But not always. If any of the rental plants are found to have been damaged upon pick up, you will be invoiced at retail pricing, and your credit card will be charged upon documentation and notification of the damage.

How do I know what size or quantity I will need? (Because I want a gazillion! But I probably don’t need a gazillion…)

That’s where Carol comes in! She will make an appointment with you or your event coordinator, (or both of you) preferably at the venue, and that is where the design process starts. At that point, you can discuss budget, needs, and your collective vision. She will then write up a proposal for you to peruse.

How is payment expected and what if I have to cancel?

Upon acceptance of the proposal, a 50% deposit is required, with the balance due 14 days before the event. Please understand that if there is a last minute cancellation within 14 days of the event, 50% of the total invoice is non-refundable, as Ambiance will have booked your date and it will be too late to book another client for that time. Changes can be made up until 2 weeks before the event, at which time the final deposit will be collected. Any questions or concerns can be addressed at any time, but once the final payment is made, only additions will be accepted. If you wish to reduce your order within 14 days of the event, you will receive a credit that you may use at a later date, or for plant purchases.